Kuopio Finland 2015.

The song ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey’ was just born in Tornado’s mind. Shortly after, Vance heard the song. That moment started the events that lead us to the present day. The line-up didn’t take shape right away, nor did the music.

Hey Hey Hey Hey was followed by ‘Bring Back Rock’n Roll’ and ‘Far Side’. However, as a songwriter, Tornado was looking for something more. The great thing about the moment of creation is that you may be dealing with serendipity. Even this time, it made its appearance.

An association brought to mind an old Karelian love spell. The riff began to spin – then came the lyrics. ’Karelian Magic’ turned out as a fairly personal love song with one universal theme; every man who loves a woman knows what it feels like being under her spell.

In terms of style Karelian magic is what Tornado is after.  There are some good points to a slightly lengthy production process. The band was able to find their sound in peace. They also got together with producer Timo Kämäräinen and mixing engineer Jesse
Vainio. With their contribution, Gentle Savage reaches their unique sound. The
band is currently in its five-member form, Theo and Tim as its newest members.

Gentle Savage is

Tornado Bearstone, vocals and guitar


Jay B, drums and backing vocals


Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals


Tim O`Shore,  guitar and backing vocals


Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals